Preface of New Novel

(Copyright Pending; Website Copyrighted; Written and Claimed by Dawn Dyson, November 9, 2016)

The following is the preface of my next novel. I thought I'd share it a bit early. I am so excited about this recluse's beautiful, old-world voice; she hasn't yet been introduced to her own strength. What the world doesn't want anymore, she must lay claim to--it is her own soul, her own existence. She represents the strange reasons for our loneliness and the social miracle found in the power of one abandoned, reaching out again. What the world forgets is what ultimately changes it the most. I can't wait for her message to emerge from the waves of the sea she lives by. Saints are hidden...oft for a long time. While waiting, grow and know that God can turn any table and any tide--we keep watchin' for a sign, don't we? I hope you enjoy meeting her...

This is a slaying field, a tour through hell that we might find heaven because we don’t believe what we cannot see. Tables do turn, though, and so our perceptions. And things can get so dire, we can't believe what we do see. So we imagine it good. So strong is the mind, it becomes our sight, and then we go there instead. Promised lands start as a notion, as a prayer from birth so slowly answered. We know we have been alive long when it frightens us that it be so real, and so tailored.

He is cloaked and nameless. He is faceless, centuries old, and not my Savior in the eternal sense. He is a dream of mine, come true just at the time that it does not surprise me to see an angel standin' in my sick room. There’s more at stake than that in these hills. My life be valuable for a reason beyond me, or I'd not be hunted. He is something of a gifting, a semblance to the One, a “type” to sustain me until We are done with my life here. And he tells me that the bride is to be walked to the Throne of Christ, unmarred. Somehow I believe him while my body do bleed and the people have gone. He hasn't lied to me yet.

Isn't that what a woman is—a sacred scroll? If scars be found on any layer of her, their depth and their number be counted by ten thousand angels—of this we can be sure. That seems their job. Her pain keeps not the silence that evil be thinkin’ it does. It just becomes a story. There isn’t anything hidden in heaven. She is a being that is a walking testament to the actions of man and she will tell it somehow. That she cannot forget is a sign that she remembers for a reason. God sees her heart and reads what’s recorded in her eyes like His own book. He do make His preacher.

The people who once lived here speak through me of bold bone and blood while they hold my record in the swirls of the sky, in the sap of the trees, to relay to the next breed what I could not get told. Though my heart so wanted it... Intent showers down like rain in the hopes of grain; will is a circle of rotating waters and bloods like the world. If there are others destined to see what I have seen, I pray they will be born brave and runnin' out in front of it. I pray they are listeners down to their core and find more reasons to end a war than to start one. I hope they travel when He breathes; I hope they stay when He holds. I pray they want to grow old and know why they are livin'--that they find the full meaning of their name. Words spoken this slowly do not lie. I will take my time. All these carved stones scattered amidst my land hold a witness. They have seen their stature in sorrow as have I. And with them my kind build churches where people come to cry.

“And to a place I come where nothing shines.”

There is a message there only I can find. I am the only soul on earth looking for it. And I will bring it up and you will follow me out of this because the shinin' be on the inside. And we will run again. This shadow of things yet undone is on the voice of the father who went on from here before I could talk back. And I spend my time answering someone who doesn't live here anymore. I must meet his efforts. I didn't know the good dead would be gone so I keep tryin' to meet him some place where there will be peace.

I will find it. So help me God.



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