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Dawn Dyson writes a variety of genres, including Christian non-fiction books, Christian novels, Bible commentaries and Bible study guides.

Dawn got her start as an author by writing historical fiction, but as she grew in her personal walk with God, that Divine relationship greatly influenced her writing.

In her early career,
she worked in Christian orphanages and secular residential programs with students overcoming abusive family situations. She began to see that people of all ages who were unfamiliar with Jesus would read novels.
As she released her first trilogy (the Beautiful Justice trilogy), reviews stated these novels had greatly increased readers' desire to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, reawakened their Christian faith, and caused them to want to know more about God.

Since that time, Dawn has earned a Master of Divinity in Homiletics, a Juris Master in International Law, and a Master of Business Administration—all of which help her reach broad audiences, as the Lord leads. Her writing, speaking, and teaching reflect her heart to help people overcome the most difficult trials in life through finding a steadfast faith in Jesus Christ. 

Dawn encourages all Christians to overcome their past to enter the wonderful life God has designed for them to live, while loving God and others. She has a heart to see people freed, whole, and loved.

She prays that God will grant the ministry opportunity to end such things as abuse during this generation,
via the enlightenment and saving grace of Jesus Christ.
Dawn is the founder of
a Christian conglomerate which conducts missions and outreaches. Dawn personally invites you to join Dawn Dyson Ministries in reaching the world for Christ.


Welcome to 

Dawn Dyson Ministries



ABOUT Dawn Dyson


If you prayed the prayer above,
we would love to hear from you!

Please email using the contact form
and enter SALVATION in the subject line.

To book a speaking engagement
enter SPEAK in the subject line. 

DDM Mission Statement

Based on the example, teachings and commands of Jesus Christ and the grace of God,

I will rely upon the Holy Spirit’s inner working power and external orchestration

in order to be a continual ambassador of Christ on the earth,

obedient and willing to communicate the Gospel message in love

to encourage others to accept Christ, grow in the Lord,

and develop their divine purpose under Him.

All ministry belongs to God and will be done in His service,

to His glory, and each person ministered to will be viewed and valued as a minister for God.


(Based on: Hab 2:2; Is 61:1-3; Matt 28:18-20; Mark 16:15;

Luke 4:17-19, 24:47-48; John 14:26, 20:21; Gal 5:22, 23; Acts 1:8, 2, 10; Rev 1:19.)

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Write the things which thou hast seen.
Things which are...and things which shall hereafter be.

Revelation 1:19

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