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Need More Time?

If we do not have time for God, we do not have time for anything good. Jesus said, in Mark 10:18 (YLT),

“No one is good but One—God.”

If you want a good life,

you need time with God.

Midstream, we run out of the energy and zest we need for another 50 good years. If this is you, humble yourself before the mighty hand of God. In due time He will exalt you (see James 4:10). In the meantime, recognize that we must be born again from above to continue in a whole new life (see John 3, YLT). “Must” means crying out to God for a second chance, a second wind. A “new life” is not optional if you want a life worth living from here on out.

“He who is believing in the Son, hath life age-during; and he who is not believing the Son, shall not see life, but the wrath of God doth remain upon him” (John 3:36, YLT).

God is a genius. His requirement is that you accept His Son and believe.

Ask Him, in Jesus’ Name, to impact the world through you.

And may God bless you!



Young’s Literal Translation (YLT), Public Domain

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