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Customer Reviews of Miracle: An Interactive Bible Study Guide

Dawn has included links throughout the study to Hebrew and Greek word meanings, commentary and etc. that provide a more in-depth dive into Scripture than the average study. The links introduce the use of a variety of resources that I will continue to use for in-depth study. Dawn's enthusiasm for God is contagious!  Although I had considered the concept of pain turning to ministry, Dawn's passion makes it seem not only possible, but imperative. Her consistently fresh insights opened my spiritual eyes to how God is working in my life and has been since I was a child. There is so much content in the study that I look forward to going through it multiple times to glean more from the passages that Dawn presents.  - Teresa

This Bible study has opened my mind, heart and soul. [It has] richly blessed me and helped me to let go of all my pain that I had built up for years. - Michelle

Formal Reviews of Bella Maura:


Apex Reviews, Renee Washburn

Five out of five stars.

Bella Maura is a heartrending read. In it, author Dawn Dyson introduces the reader to a compelling cast of characters who find themselves rapt in situations drawn straight from the pages of everyday life. Against the backdrop of a tender love story, Dyson takes the reader on a vicarious journey deep into the heart of such hard-hitting issues as drug addiction, abuse, and the difficulties of maintaining faith. In so doing, she highlights in vivid fashion the realities of the consummately challenging - and ultimately rewarding - path of learning to trust God. The debut installment in the Beautiful Justice series, Bella Maura is an enlightening, spiritually uplifting tale. A recommended read.


The Crazy Bookworm

Five out of five stars.

Bella Maura is a lovely book with a powerful message. This will be a book that I re-read, not just to visit the characters that I fell in love with but to read the beauty in the story again. I can't wait to get my hands on book two!


Radiant Light

I was drawn into the story from the first page. It is a heart wrenching tale that grips you and won't let go. ...Dawn does a great job of weaving the spiritual truth into it without being preachy. This is a great book, one that I would highly recommend!


Brook Side Reviews

This is a Christian book, though I wouldn't call it "conservatively Christian." The author delves deep into the spiritual side of the matter. It is beautifully written. The story's main character, Sienna, is an incredibly amazing woman who, despite what she has gone through, manages to remain a beautiful soul--never relinquishing her faith in God. ...Fully trusting in God and learning to use the gifts He bestows on us seems to be the main theme throughout. This book was exactly what I needed to read right now.


San Francisco Book Review

Dyson has a beautiful writing voice, and some of the poetic musings on the nature of humanity and the world that she inserts periodically are breathtaking to behold. While some might argue that the love story here is too perfect, not to mention too chaste, I found it to be a refreshing change of pace from the usual stormy affairs that dominate traditional romance novels. This is a heartfelt novel that will appeal to the hopeless romantic in every woman.


I Heart Reading

{Dawn Dyson} is truly a master of words. And the way she crafts her words, sentences and paragraphs into this great, meaningful and amazing story is nothing short of a miracle. ...Bella Maura doesn't just force its readers to continue reading, to turn page after page...eagerly anticipating what's coming next--it also challenges its readers, dares them to think out of the box, to think about their own part in life, their own connection to God, to define what is good and what is evil. That's pretty much what all great books do, and Bella Maura truly is a great book.


Courtney's Chitter Chatter

I've never read anything so spiritually powerful before in my life! Dawn Dyson has this way of describing details that truly paints a raw and emotional picture.


Frugal Experiments

Woven through this intense, spiritual journey, full of the harsh realities and hard-hitting realism of the author's portrayal of characters dealing with addiction and the aftermath of abuse, is an absolutely beautiful love story. ...This book has touched me in a way that is difficult to describe.


Lynelle Clark; Aspired Writer

The author's ability to create with words was descriptive and flowing could experience what she was seeing writing this book; the ebb and flow of each scene as it opens to the next, appreciating the character and place as the plot unfolds. Creating a world where God reigns and people obey his statues, word and commands, and you see the results of that, coming together as a wonderful and entertaining book to read. The topics are easy to understand, from the power of the tongue to paternity, healing, obedience, grace, prayer and knowledge of God's the scenes as they develop creating a wonderful read.



There were several times towards the end of Bella Maura where I got goose bumps and just couldn't believe what was happening next and that's such a huge plus for me! I love it when I don't know what's going to happen in the books I read and Dawn Dyson nailed it! I am very much looking forward to reading Justice Quinn.... Over all, I was pulled in...and I too fell in love with the characters. Would I recommend Bella Maura to a friend? Yes I would.


Formal Reviews of Justice Quinn:


Frugal Experiments

Five stars.

In Justice Quinn we also meet Bella's brother, Justice, whom we met towards the end of Bella Maura, who also has a powerful gift. The secret God-given work that the Driscolls are doing is slowly revealed in this beautifully written story of love and intercessory prayer. It's about learning to lean on God and trust that He is doing what is necessary in His time frame, not ours. I was totally captivated by the characters in this book and am anxiously awaiting the third book in the series, so I can see where God and the author takes them.


Brookside Reviews

Five stars.

I wasn't disappointed at all. I was completely unable to put {Justice Quinn} down. I love the imagery the author paints with her words and the intense suspense that she creates. I was very impressed with the way the two books {of the series} intertwined and just how intricately the story was weaved. I found myself in tears on more than a few occasions. I have grown rather fond of the uniquely intense characters. {Dyson's} books stir something inside of me, causing me to yearn for a more...spiritual relationship with God. The story literally puts a face on justice and faith, allowing for the two concepts to be seen in a new light. I find myself pondering on her words long after I've finished reading.


Radiant Light

I found myself immersed in this book and read it straight through. {Justice Quinn} is one of those books you think about long after you close the last page. The Driscoll's are a family using their gifts for God, to minister to the hurting...that in itself makes you stop and think--God, am I being used by You? A definite must read!


Lynelle Clark; Aspired Writer

I loved the symbolism the author used in...that Justice and Faith have many similarities, both working to show {the reader} the way to Him. Each character {was} better understand the true meaning of the words. Its influence into the world and their immediate family {is} heartbreaking but yet fills your eyes with tears as the love blossoms between them.


Formal Reviews of Mason Michael: The Heaven Projection:


Portland/San Francisco Book Review

Dawn Dyson started the “Beautiful Justice” series with Bella Maura and continued it with Justice Quinn, and now she finishes this epic work with Mason Michael: The Heaven Projection. If you haven’t read the previous books, this is definitely not a good place to pick up the story. The author has an ethereal writing style that readily floats between different points of view and even between first- and third-person with regards to Alexa; this can be a little confusing for even those already familiar with the series. Add in passages from Sienna’s book and Sienna’s current point of view—that of an angel silently guiding Alexa from heaven—and it may take a little while for readers to find their bearing. Stick with it, though, because this novel is worth it! It is a bit heartbreaking at times as you struggle through the end days with Alexa, but you will find yourself cheering her on as she gets stronger, and her eventual victory will leave you breathless with hope for humanity. If you’re looking for a good spiritual uplift, Mason Michael and indeed the entire “Beautiful Justice” series will be a balm for your soul.


Radiant Light

This is my favorite book of the entire series. Dawn wrote personal things in this book that were not in the others, and it just pulled me into the book. I have read and reviewed all three of these books, and the other two did not affect me the way this one did. I felt as though I was going through everything Alexa was. Dawn wrote it so personally. The conversations with God, His holding her hand, it was beautiful. If you have not read this series, this is a must read! Sad to see it end!


Lynelle Clark; Aspired Writer

In {Mason Michael} generational curses are explained with forgiveness playing a major role in the healing process...restoring what God...intended all along in a specific person's bloodline. The work of angels is better explained, the part of the sea clearly defined, and I loved how the author brought in horses as messengers of the Living Word. The complexities of {Dax's} character enhanced the plot.... A great book from beginning to end.


Formal Reviews of Mercy Sky:


Mercy Sky is a beautifully descriptive work based on a diverse group of characters and the hardships they endured. This book compels us to contemplate our own spiritual issues and encourages perseverance, faith and forgiveness. Above all, Mercy Sky reintroduces the act of mercy essential to us all.


The author is so descriptive... I will patiently wait for this author's next book.


Mercy Sky is a very moving book. Very well written and recommended. Well Done!!


A deeply spiritual portrayal.

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